Your solution seems very interesting, why has no one proposed it so far?


Software solutions offering these network analyses exist (Nessus / Nexpose and even OpenVAS in free) however they all have the common trait of being difficult to use and require extensive configuration of the tool. Only a preventive cybersecurity expert can implement these software, which excludes 98% of companies from preventive cyber risk management who cannot afford to access these audits.


Our Sherlock solution, on the other hand, is highly automated so as to give everyone the opportunity to understand the cyber risks that exist, and be able to read and understand the results from the tests conducted.

Our credo is the democratization of the cybersecurity audit by giving technical and financial accessibility to the preventive dimension of risk management, because at ProHacktive, we are intimately convinced that we fight better and more effectively if we understand the risk to which we are subjected.