I already have an antivirus, why do I need the ProHacktive solution?


ProHacktive is not a replacement for antivirus software, but a complementary tool to your antivirus software. An antivirus works like a delay mechanism.

It detects, analyzes, corrects and finally distributes this information to all its customers once the threat has been detected and corrected. ProHacktive's solution directly analyzes open services [every computer has open and/or closed doors (ports) that enable third-party applications to communicate with the outside world - for example, an open door to communicate with a printer, a software-opened door to synchronize data or obtain updates from servers, etc... - most of the time, these doors are invisible to the user - a firewall (e.g. Microsoft Defender for Windows) can be used to control the opening of these doors, but is difficult for the average person to understand] on a device, and warns the user in advance of future threats that may be detected by antivirus software. Closing the door is more radical.
-> A metaphor for the risk assessment of a house burglary (including the front door with wooden keys / 3d printing).


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