Alpha Crypt

Alpha Crypt, also known as AlphaCrypt and, incorrectly, Alpha Crypt virus, is a ransomware infection used to hold a victim's computer hostage. Alpha Crypt is a variant of Tesla Crypt (or TeslaCrypt), a relatively new ransomware threat. There are very few differences between Alpha Crypt and its predecessor and they use almost identical algorithms and encryption methods to carry out their attack. As soon as Alpha Crypt gets into the victim's computer, it establishes a connection with its command and control server. Alpha Crypt sends a unique ID and campaign ID for the victim's computer. Then, the server sends Alpha Crypt the files containing the ransom note of the attack. These ransom notes are contained in text files that may have different names. Some of these files may be named HELP_TO_SAVE_FILES.txt or RECOVERY_FILE.txt.