OSINT or "Open Source Intelligence" means "Renseignement de Source Ouverte". It is intelligence obtained from a public source of information. The investigator who collects this type of source is called an osinteur.

It is a set of techniques for finding information from data that is open to all. It is not an illegal technique, because it is in fact using data made public by Internet users and organizations, on social networks for example.

Osint (Open Source Intelligence)

What are the sources of public information?

OSINT sources can be divided into six different categories:

Who uses OSINT?

This type of information is used by investigators as well as journalists, security and IT professionals. It allows to detect and fight against many digital threats such as phising, frauds or scams.

This technique can also be used by hackers to collect as much information about their targets as possible before going on the attack.

How to make OSINT?

There are many tools to access this information: social networks, websites, etc. With a few clicks, it is possible to bring up a multitude of results via search engines like Google.

Here are some tools:

If you want to learn more about this discipline, there are communities that are getting bigger and bigger and that propose to practice on challenges.

In October, the OZINT platform was launched, offering discussion groups and challenges to be solved by teams: https://ozint.eu