A Rootkit is a set of techniques (one or more pieces of software) for creating (usually unauthorized) access to a machine. The goal of these Rootkits is to go under the radar and be as stealthy as possible.

What is this name "RootKit"?

The term "Root" is given to the superuser or master administrator in UNIX and UNIX-like systems. Roughly speaking, a "RootKit" is a "Kit" allowing to become a "Root".

What is the purpose?

So we are talking about a stealth kit that allows you to install a remote access on your machine with the "right to do everything". Worrying, isn't it? And what is even more worrying is that it can be hidden in another software, a library or in the kernel of an operating system. Some rootkits are even resistant to formatting because they can get into the BIOS directly.

A rootkit can host a wide range of malware such as :

As you can see, a RootKit is a real Swiss army knife for a pirate!

What are the types of rootkits?

How to identify if your computer has been infected?

Here are some tips:

Protect yourself from rootkits

How to remove rootkits?