ProHacktive has created Sherlock, an automated, plug & play cybersecurity auditing box. This solution protects you from attacks by giving you a complete inventory of all devices on your network and their security vulnerabilities in real time. Find for each of them simple patching proposals to be performed by your fleet administrator.

A successful attack is an infection on a workstation that spreads from device to device, until it takes over your entire network. Sherlock is as simple as it sounds: when vulnerabilities are patched, the infection stays local, no spread to the network, no widespread cyberattack.

How it works

Vulnerability updates

Sherlock : vulnerability updates

The discovery of the environment

Sherlock : discovery of the environment

Vulnerability detection

Sherlock : vulnerability detection

Vulnerability validation

Sherlock : vulnerability validation

Report generation

Sherlock : report generation

Exchanges with ProHacktive

Sherlock : exchanges with ProHacktive